Top Love Psychics in America is a psychic resource which has satisfied clients around the world. TPA psychics are highly sought after for their professionalism and high level of ethics.

  • Double tested. Every professional psychic on Top Psychics in America is tested twice by our supervisory staff as well as by test clients, to ensure that they meet our strict standards.
  • Background checks. The ethics of our psychic readers is a top priority at TPA, so we’ve begun to require criminal background checks on every potential reader as another step in our evaluatory process.
  • Reference checks. Professional psychics should have professional references. So yes, Top Psychics in America checks references. We include only the best psychics in the industry, so we diligently do our homework.

Top Psychics in America (TPA) is currently one of the nation’s premiere professional psychic resources.

Established in 2011, TPA is one of only a few psychic resources that double tests its professional psychic readers. In addition, we currently perform criminal background checks on all of our members. We also were among the first services in the field to implement call buttons for our users.

We don’t open our membership to all psychics, like some other online directories for psychic readers do. We don’t believe that “screening” our potential members is enough of a safeguard. Instead, we’ve implemented a trained staff, as well as volunteer clients, to personally test every professional psychic who applies to be listed as part of our service.

We want to be sure that each and every one of our clients is receiving genuine psychic services from professional, ethical practitioners. So we’ve developed a rigorous method to select only the most elite of psychic readers. They are listed on our directory only after they’ve complied with our stringent demands

We obviously believe in psychic abilities here at TPA. But sadly, many psychics act in unscrupulous ways with their gifts. At TPA, we are aware of this, and will not tolerate unprofessional or unethical behavior. We include only the best psychics in our listings. We promise.

Why choose Top Psychics in America?

Because excellence has always been our standard, and it always will. Do you have questions? Don’t wait to schedule your own reading! Why wait? Get a reading right now!

Professional TPA psychic readers are ready and waiting right now to take your call. They offer immediate answers for you with no waiting! So if you have just a quick question and you need instant service without advance scheduling, TPA readers can help you!

Congratulations to Libby Sanderson, TPA’s Psychic of the Year for 2017!

Libby has been a member of TPA since 2014. She’s received nothing but positive feedback from clients for the past two years. Libby’s clients repeatedly leave feedback related to what a difference her readings made in their lives. She’s a valued member of our team.

That team includes many professionals who have demonstrated excellence with both new and long-term clients, with their colleagues and with their supervisors. They’re truly dedicated to their chosen profession and dedicate their hearts to helping other people.