Peggy Stadoust: Psychic, Teacher, Philosopher

For more than 20 years, I’ve held consulting and management positions with mainstream companies. But after I turned 40, I found myself challenging everything that I’d believed before about myself and my world. I ended up deciding to give up my career so I could live and pursue a spiritual life. This began my transition to a career as a psychic reader and teacher, in which I developed and refined my natural talents for seeing beyond the present. I began with a handful of loyal customers, and word of mouth and their testimonials brought many more who sought my counsel and wisdom and benefited from it.

Being a psychic is as much about living with soul as it is about feeling and seeing things.
In my psychic work, I’m often called upon to help my clients navigate through life transitions such as break-ups, bankruptcies and personal losses. I’ve been privileged to be able to walk beside them and sometimes even hold them up for while. Then when they recover and find satisfaction and joy in their lives, I help them get better in every way, every day.

As a psychic guide, I can shed light on your path forward to help you see where it is that you’re going and how you can get to where you want to be. I’m happy to share my skills with tarot cards and my familiarity with the Law of Attraction. I can help people connect with spirits, channel, read and understand signs and symbols, and develop their own psychic abilities.

My Experience

Over the years, I’ve integrated my knowledge and experiences with psychic phenomena to produce several businesses and web sites. My primary goal is to enable people to tap into their own magical, creative and psychic powers. I read for clients around the world through my web sites. While managing my most recent enterprises, I’ve been able to maintain providing private consultations with long-term clients.

I live with my wife and our two sons, one dog and one cat. Our grand old house is in a quiet little neighborhood near my mother-in-law, so we can help care for her. I am the oldest of 5 children, so I have many nieces and nephews. Family is a high priority in my life. I’ve been blessed to live in a family that works well together. We’re spread around, but we love to get together. There’s a lot of laughter–and a lot of good food–when we do!

I spend time most days and some evenings on the computer to take care of my web sites and respond to clients. In between, I get to tend to my family, our home and our gardens.

I’ve become a bit more reclusive in recent years, as I’ve been slowed by arthritis. My life probably doesn’t look very exciting to anyone who may be looking in. I prefer to live quietly; I’ve taken a lifetime to create peace and personal well-being. I’m happier in my life than I thought I ever could be!

Testimonials from Clients

  • Thank you for the most amazing reading I’ve ever had. And thank you for being so compassionate during the reading. Everything you said is true, as it’s been for a long time now. Words can’t express what that means to me and what it’s done for me. With much gratitude and love, Myra.
  • You were so accurate in so many things in your reading with me about things that you couldn’t just have known. Everything you said about me was right. Thank you for your reading and I plan to take everything you said to heart. Sincerely, Patti.
  • You have been an inspiration to me, and your counsel means a lot to me especially during this stage in my life.. I’ll do my best to keep my “eyes” open as you advised. You have been an exceptional motivator, and I’ll definitely keep you posted on my progress. Thanks to you for all the help, and to the Universe for all the support. From Leonard.
  • I realize that if I never spoke to you, and if you hadn’t given me the message you gave me in the way you gave it, I would not have stopped to consider a new direction. I now see that certain things sometimes need to be said to bring about a better outcome, a good greater than path we’re currently traversing. You empowered me. I really awakened my own intuition, and I’ve learned to listen carefully to my own feelings and thoughts. I’m finally beginning to discover who I really am. Blessings to you, Amy.