How to Get Rid of Bad Karma

Most people want to change something about their lives. They seek out various ways of doing this from religion to astrologers and yet things don’t seem to change. That’s because they aren’t changing their karma.

Before talking about karma, let’s discuss our problems. Most believe that 80 percent of our problems fall into three areas:

  • Money or job related
  • Health or accidents
  • Relationships

We try to control these areas as best we can, but see very little change. We seem to be stuck in a bad karmic cycle. Yet, there is a way to dismiss bad karma from your life in just 21 days!

Looking at Karma

Most understand that karma is the result of actions. Actions can be good or bad and the results can be either as well. Some fall into the mixed-deeds area, where people do something bad for the right reasons. People still have “karmic debt” result from mixed deeds, even though they had pure intentions.

Understanding the Universe

The basic understanding of the universe is it operates on natural laws and humans can leave more at peace and with joy if they learn to operate within these natural laws. This is the reason why there are exercises and techniques to create balance within the body, but also within the mind and soul. Only then can you escape a bad karmic cycle.

One of the primary causes of problems ultimately is stagnant energy. This becomes apparent when we blame others or ourselves for our problems. There is a focus on the problems. When energy flows, everything improves and different parts of our lives run smoothly.

Fixing Karma

Simple exercises can dismiss bad karma from your life and improve your situation quickly if applied diligently and with good intention.

Light Meditation

Light meditation is when you sit in a meditative state and imagine light piercing the darkness of your mind. After it starts expanding into your entire brain, imagine it radiating out of the base of your spine and flowing through your body down through the ground where your feet are planted. Allow the earth’s energy to flow through you as a cosmic energy highway.

Keeping Score

Get out two sheets of paper. List all those who have wronged you on one and all those you have wronged on the second. Don’t make it complicated, listing names will do.

Now, start forgiving those who wronged you in your mind. Take it one name at a time. Really focus on forgiveness and let go of the hurt. When that is done, ask mental forgiveness for each person you have wrong in the same manner.

Over the next few days, you may have the opportunity to address these people in person. If so, you may want to tell them either that you forgive them or that you seek their forgiveness.

Spend three weeks working on resolving these issues. It may require you to add names to both lists and going through the process several times because forgiveness is a process rather than a one-time event.

You will notice big differences in your life in a few weeks. Keeping up with elements of these techniques will do wonders for you in the future.

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