Knowing Your Psychic Gifts

Are you someone in life that feels that you are psychic, and you don’t care if the world thinks you are crazy or not? If you do, you can find that being a psychic is fun and that you can do things to help people in your life.

You have to decide if you want to be a psychic and what you will change in order to see your giftings. Here are some things you can do to know if you are a psychic or not.

Write Things Down

Take time to write things down either on paper or you can write them down in your phone. When you have something new happen to you, write it down.

Write down anything you feel, anyone you meet or anything that seems strange to you.

Believe It

If you have a dream or a vision, you can believe that it is true. You can even tell people around you that you had this and see what they tell you about it.

Some psychics dream about things such as:

  • Animals
  • The past
  • Angels
  • Spirit Guides
  • The future
  • Bad things
  • Good things

Use Your Instincts

Your emotions will be strong but if you use your intuition, this will guide you more than your feelings. Do you feel overly emotional?

Your brain will sometimes allow you to have emotions so that you can protect yourself. If you are a psychic, you need to learn to listen to your intuition over your emotions so that you can make good choices.

Learn to pay attention to little things that you feel and what you hear. Here are some ways that your intuition will guide you:

  • Help you to make good decisions.
  • Guide you to go a different direction.
  • Tell you not to do something that is dangerous.
  • Let you know if you are making a good decision.
  • You can know if someone is lying to you.


Everyone has different giftings and when you embrace your gifts, you can see where that takes you in life.

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