Love has power. It’s worth celebrating and sharing. Where there is love, there’s balance, kindness, warmth, and hope. There is anticipation, desire, excitement, desire, and passion. Where there’s love, there’s kindness, gratitude, and appreciation. When you have an attitude that’s loving, you attract friendships, prosperity, and romance.

When February rolls around and Valentine’s Day puts a sense of love in the air, many people expect some sort of excitement. They buy gifts and sweets, and spend time with family, friends and people they love. Whether you’re involved in a romantic relationship or not, it can be meaningful to celebrate Valentine’s Day, and acknowledge and appreciate the love you have in your life. Valentine’s Day is a great excuse to indulge in some sweet treats, especially chocolate ones. You could bake some pretty heart cookies, buy a beautiful bouquet flowers, and cook a nice celebratory dinner. You can even share Valentine’s sweets and treats with your children.

Because when you get right down to it, it’s all about the power of love. Love has the power to turn conflicts into peace. It can transform pain into joy. It can convert fear into comfort.

Most people view love as some sort of goal, like it’s something they’re waiting for to happen to them. They’re filled with idealistic, romantic notions about what love is, and wind up feeling disappointed by love and by life.

But love is right there for the taking. It’s all around us. It is a strong force that has the power to change our lives. If we approach life with a grateful and giving attitude, and embrace our world with love, we can attract the kind of love that most people are longing for. But remember, romance is only one aspect involved in “true love.” There’s not a replacement for the completion that we feel when we’re loving the right partner, but there are many other glorious ways to give and receive love.

It may be possible that we all need to reconsider our beliefs about what love is. Love requires an element of giving and receiving with no conditions, no strings attached, a commitment to love no matter what the circumstances. It requires vulnerability, steadfastness and courage. But the rewards are indescribable. It’s all worth it.

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