Many people are afraid of things such as psychics or communicating with the spiritual world, but this is something that has been around for centuries. It has been looked at as a practice that is unorthodox, but it became popular in the 1920’s when people were being killed for their witch practices.

Fox Sisters

There were ideas from the Fox sisters who were mediums on the way to talk to dead people. They used different ways that made them famous and made them part of what the world begin to call spiritualism.

Since they were able to use their senses and have sounds and other voices that kept people excited, the Fox sisters changed the way that people looked at this phenomenon. They become very popular, and they travelled around with other mediums, making spiritualism a big thing.


This was a time in the world that caused people to have a desire to talk to their dead loved ones that they were grieving over. People begin to reach out to psychics and mediums, and this made spiritualism even more popular.

You could go out and ask a psychic to sit around your living room and use different tools in order to reach out to your dead loved ones. These things were also done on stage, and they were considered very mysterious. Sometimes things would move and there would be slime present.

Being Possessed

Another thing that became wide known was spiritual possession. This became more known than just what was seen on the television. With spiritual possession, a demon or a spirit would take control of someone’s body.

This was something that would happen, and people would be able to see the person change and become someone else. Sometimes the changes even became external, but the internal changes were the problems.

Possession would often lead people to harm or hurt themselves or others and when this happened, this is something that would care people.

Possession is something that is known in spiritualism, and this is why it is important that people avoid things like seances. When a séance is done, this can open different areas up in a person and in the spiritual ream and make the spirits be able to connect with people on the earth, filling them with themselves.

There are many people that speak foreign language and speak in different kinds of voices when they are possessed, and they will know information that is impossible for them to know. They are also often violent and hurtful to others.

Final Thoughts

When you see spiritualism on television, know that this is just the movies, and this is a real thing and can come from real places.

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