What Does it Mean to be a Psychic?

Everyone is born with some psychic giftings and this can be as small as having intuition or a gut feeling and even as big as being able to see into the future. When you learn to understand your giftings, you will learn how to develop them and become stronger.

Different Psychic Abilities

There are different kinds of psychic abilities such as being clairvoyant. Being clairvoyant means, you are able to see things without using your eyes. This is something that you will see with your mind and into the spirit world.

This kind of seeing can include visions or pictures of people or things in your mind. It can also be different symbols.


Someone that is clairaudient is able to hear things without their ears. They can hear when the spirit world is trying to talk to them, and they can hear things such as voices.

This gift is like listening to a radio.


Someone that is clairempath is able to feel the emotions and thoughts of those around them. They are able to pick up on the different senses and emotions that people have including anger, sadness, excitement and more.


A person that is clairsentient is able to sense the different feelings that are happening around them. They are able to know both positive and negative energies and they are able to use their own feelings to know what is going on.

This is intuition and a gut feeling, and it can cause people to feel excited, scared or worried because they already feel what is happening.


A person that is Clairalient is able to smell things from the spirit world. This could be something that someone dead wore like a perfume or a type of cigarette they smoked.


A person that is Clairgustant is someone that is able to taste things in the spirit world. They might taste something that their loved one would eat or a certain flavor that they have never had before.


A person that is Clairtangent is someone that is able to use the gift of psychometry. This means that they are able to pick up the energy of objects just by holding them in their hands.

The person can hold an object and know where the object has been and who owned the object. They can tell the different personalities that had to do with the object and be able to tell the past and present.


Psychics normally have at least one of these giftings and sometimes more. The gifts can be used in combination with others or used on their own.

When someone has a feeling about something, this is often a psychic gifting that they are not aware that they have.

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