Old Soul

An old soul is someone that is in the last part of their journey in reincarnation. They have gone through five different stages in their soul and they now at the point where they have embraced life and have made it to the end.

An old soul is someone that has accomplished life and reached their higher self. An old soul is someone that is ready to see the world from a different view and to go with the flow.

What is an Old Soul?

An old soul is someone that has self-awareness and knows that they no longer care about material things but that they want to find things that will make the world better.

They have values and freedom, and they want to explore life beyond work and other things. They don’t want to have a huge impact on the world, and they are tired of working and having too much stuff. They just want to be alone and to look at their life and reflect on their wisdom.

An old soul will tell the younger souls what they need to grow, and they will guide them. They will stop the drama in life before it holds them down and they will learn to live in the now.

They will love life but reject it and they will not become trapped with things that hold people back in the world. They will often abandon others, and this will leave them alone. They will look back on their life and their aloneness and they will see that this is helpful to them.

The old soul will see life as a whole and they will evolve and deal with the debts and payments that they made in their past life. They will see that they have lived out the cycle of life.

Old souls love to relax, and they love to dress frumpy and to do whatever they can to be comfortable.


The old soul has eyes that are strong. They never lose eye contact when they talk to you and they will let their mind wander so that you can hear stories of their life.


It is hard for an old soul to have relationships because they are not focused on what a person does but what is inside of them. They relate to those that are older and when they do have relationships, they last forever and are loving.

They look at life different and they want to interact on a serious basis. They want to ask questions and find answers. Old souls have comfortable relationships with people that are older and are able to be compassionate and loving.

Work and Fun

When there is an old soul, they like to do things that are laid back. Sometimes people think that they are lazy, but they have worked hard for ages.  Of course, old souls do have fun. They have fun in learning new things and in telling life stories.


An old soul has strong values. They do not believe in what society believes in and they feel responsible to make the world a better place. An old soul knows that you have to accept life and that you can adapt to problems that you face.

Old souls are not always religious but most of them have been enlightened. They are in love with nature and with creative things such as art. They want to change the world.

Old Soul Levels

  • Level 1: have inner conviction and strong morals.
  • Level 2: Love themselves and love others.
  • Level 3: Look inside and they take action to become better.
  • Level 4: Want their wellbeing to be good.
  • Level 5: They follow a path because they know it is the best.
  • Level 6: They do not impress by being someone but by doing hard things.
  • Level 7: They take without giving and they give without taking.

Points of an Old Soul

  • Love philosophy and the bigger things in life.
  • They are loving and compassionate.
  • Sometimes arrogant.
  • They do not want material possessions.
  • They know there is more than making money.
  • They do not work well in society.
  • They often do not fit in.
  • They have a lot of talents and giftings.
  • They are wanting to be away form anything that is dramatic.

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