Important About the Date 121314

The date 12/13/14 is a sequence that you will not see for a very long time. It won’t happen again until the year 01/02/03.

When numbers repeat in numerology, it is messages from the universe. If you are listening and you are spiritual, chances are that you will know that there are energies that are corresponded with these dates and that the calculations of dates can give you a code of what is about to come.

Interpreting the Numbers






Numerology is something that can give you happiness and can help you to understand things in life and opportunities that come and go.

The Karmic number of 14 and 5 and then the numbers 12/13/14 can mean that some kind of freedom is coming. This freedom can be something personal for you such as losing weight or getting rid of addictive behaviors.

This freedom can be getting rid of fear or working on making yourself better. What is real freedom to you?

Number Sequences

When you see numbers that are in sequences, you can use this as an action in your life. You can look at things separately such as the number 12=3.

The number 3 in numerology can mean love, security, emotions, and creativity. 13=4.

The number 4 in numerology can mean a strong foundation and hard work.


The number 5 is a number about love, adventure, not being afraid and working on yourself.


The number 7 can mean becoming wise and working on your spiritual giftings.

The date 12/14/14 can be broken down to 3/4/5 which can mean making a foundation and allowing your energies to flow.

Chances are when you see these numbers repeating, it can mean that it is time for you to take a change in your life and do something that is good for you. Some change is meant to get your attention and is meant to have a bigger meaning than you even know.

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