Characters and Behaviors you need to look for if you think you are a witch

There is a possibility you might be a witch if you feel a little bit different from other people if you don’t fit in, if your interests and other peoples are distinct, if you are attracted to animals and if you feel comfortable in the dark.

What is a Witch?

This is not an easy question to answer since there are different types of witches, and witchcraft cultures can vary widely from place to place and person to person. Nevertheless, the kind of witch I’m referring to here is a wise woman or man who uses energy to make things happen.

Know that rarely do people get born in witchcraft, regardless of what others may claim. Witchcraft is a path someone decides to take. Even if you possess all the characters listed here, you don’t have to necessarily tread along that path. It’s all about decisions.

Indications you are Likely to be a Witch

You don’t like crowd places. The energy of people in a crowded place seems to swirl and eddy around you. You are likely to feel sick when you get stuck in a place where there are many people.

Your intuition gives you guidance. Your intuition is always there to guide you anytime you need to make a judgment. Your intuition will inform you about a motive you weren’t sure about. If you have always made a decision based on your gut feelings, it means you were following your intuition.

You like being knowledgeable.  You constantly love reading and discovering new things. Simplicity and complexities of the world awe you.

You feel energized. Be it in your hands, flowing through you, or swirling around you. You are aware it’s a real deal.  Just because you don’t see it doesn’t mean it’s not there.

You can’t feel the energy when you visit any place. You are capable of reading emotions that have been put in a building in the past. Other times you have to leave it since its overwhelming. Sometimes you feel like exerting a calming influence. At times, you feel like you have been to a place before even if you haven’t.

You are always attracted to dark arts. Maybe a tarot, spell work, astrology or healing. You trust that we possess a lot in us and the world that we don’t comprehend and the more you learn about witchcraft, the more you want to continue learning.

You feel natural when in nature. When walking or doing anything in nature, you feel like that’s where you are supposed to be.

Characters of a Witch

You love wearing black clothes. Witches can wear anything but when it comes to black clothes? It’s an affection. Nowadays, current witches put on what they like. Nevertheless, black and red stripy tights are a must.

You prefer silver to gold. Witches love silver because it’s the color of the moon. Silver whispers but gold shouts.

You are always gathering things. You are always collecting things people wouldn’t have a second glance to, be it pebbles, scraps, coins, etc.

You are attracted to animals and they are attracted to you too. You have a connection with animals. Both domestic and wild creatures.

You have objects that reveal you are a witch. Every object you own hints that you are a witch.

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