Karmic Relationships Explained

A Karmic relationship is powerful and so deep it can overtake you, leaving you feeling hurt and defeated repeatedly. This is different from a twin flame or soul mate, even if you want it to be one of those relationships.

When we experience love relationships, they are karmic in nature, but not all are happy. You simply know you are drawn to someone and a connection is made. The Karma that is between two people must be cleaned so that you can move forward and rise above to find true happiness. If unprepared, you may continue in unhealthy relationships out of fear or being alone forever or never finding anyone.

When we do experience a Karmic relationship, it is not meant to be lasting. That is unless you enjoy unhappiness, arguments, and a lifetime of resentfulness. If instead you prefer to embrace happiness, find out what you really want in life, you must be cleansed or you will continue to attract these types of relationships. You may want something better, but not know where to begin or how to find the healing that is needed. The confusion can lead to other issues, like depression and worry in a vicious cycle. This leaves you trapped, but to scared to move forward with your life. Self-growth will never be easy. You set the pace on what is acceptable.

In Karmic love relationships there is never inner growth, only outward confusion and indecision. For many, these relationships come early and result in heartbreak. If the cycle continues, a long term, destructive relationship develops and can lead to children stuck in a volatile relationship. The bond can be so overpowering, that even though the signs are obvious, they are ignored. Change is not likely on behalf of the other person.

We must learn to be okay with who we are or these types of bad relationships will continually be attracted to us. We must be okay with being alone if necessary. This is because the relationships mirror what we believe about ourselves.

Karmic relationships tend to have certain characteristics. Several are shared below:

  • Intense attraction or obsession
  • Nervousness when with the person, hoping you are good enough
  • Addictions of any kind (drugs, alcohol, sex)
  • Bad boy/girl type personality
  • Sex following arguments in which you were hurt or insulted
  • Giving up your own likes to please the other person
  • Being financially restricted by your partner
  • Abuse
  • Being expected to take on all responsibility in a relationship
  • Bringing up your past to hurt you
  • Jealousy toward you with an expectation they can do whatever
  • Rage
  • Isolation
  • Disrespectful of feelings
  • Being so stressed you lose or gain weight
  • Calling for sex, but otherwise ignoring you
  • Lying, cheating, and aggression
  • Depression from the relationship

This type of person will want you for the good times, but only when they are in need. This can be a hard person to let go of because they can be loving when it suits them.

Common warning signs include phrases like:

  • I don’t want a relationship
  • I will call when I can (but they only call when they want something)
  • I’m not ready for love or I’m not lovable
  • Can’t we just be friends
  • You are too good for me (an excuse for behavior)

It can be tempting to finally leave these relationships only to run back when they call. Even when it is foolish. This is a sign of a Karmic relationship. The relationship will only improve if you are both willing to grow and embrace love in your lives, emotionally and spiritually. You must both be headed down the same path and working together toward a future you both desire. However, if only one person starts to change, you tend to drift apart because the real feelings come forward.

Karmic relationships will rarely make someone happy because deep down you are aware of how hard it is and that it cannot last. You may hope that one day the other person will see how much you love them, but this will not happen. Love is established shortly after you meet, not years later. If either partner wants a way out, one will be found and the other person is usually blamed.

So, if you find yourself feeling betrayed, angry, jealous, or enraged, then be honest with yourself about the happiness you deserve. By waiting, you are delaying growth and it becomes harder over time. The way out begins with you as you release the past and start fresh. It is time to take your power back.

Stop believing the negative messages the other person has given you because they may have a dark energy that is threatened by your light. The process of leaving and change will not be easy, but it will be worth it. Following a split, you may struggle and pay for the mistake of staying, but keep pushing forward. You are responsible for starting the healing process. Begin by speaking with your Angels and ask for guidance, faith and hope. Strengthen yourself so that low level love does not consume you. It can be tempting to go back to the old way of life, but resist. As time passes, you will find it was all worth the struggle.

If you find yourself in a Karmic relationship and are uncertain of how to leave, do it quickly and with a total and clean break. Be ready to make extreme changes to rise above. This is not a decision to be taken lightly. Many call on the Archangel Chamuel for help. Time will heal your wounds, even the deep ones. If you are unable to make a clean break because of children, don’t be tempted to go back when the ex appears happy, you can be happy to if you do the work.

There are Angels that can help you connect, recover, and heal those parts of yourself that are hurt and broken. The most important Angels are your Guardian Angels in all of this. The anguish you feel is a normal part of the healing process. Keep moving forward to allow the floodgates of love and happiness to open. You must get to know yourself so you do not become bitter.

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