How to Detoxify Negative Energies

Two commonly misinterpreted spiritual concepts are “negative energies” or “dark entities.”  Often negative energy is assumed to be of evil origins meant to cause harm or chaos.  Meanwhile, dark entities got a bad reputation due to errors in translation from Christian and Buddhist texts which mention “demons.”  These demons we meant to be a spiritual metaphor rather than a nefarious being.

Consider the “Noonday Demon” or “Midday Devil” referenced in Psalm 90:6 of the Bible.  This demon appears daily around noon causing people to feel restless, distracted, and chaotic.  Work and chores become neglected due to a sense of fatigue or lethargy.  Consider the time, how it coincides with lunch and digestion.  Breaking down food saps our energy and quickly raises insulin levels and neurotransmitters including serotonin and melatonin.  All this work can distract us from completing a given task.  When you read the holy words, one can see instead of religious or metaphysical interventions, people are called to have patience and perseverance.  This speaks to navigating physical challenges rather than respond to a spiritual attack.

To spiritual cleanse yourself, begin to foster a safe and holistic environment for your body to reunite with your mind.  This will begin to purge yourself of toxic vibrations.  When you view “negative energy” and “dark forces” as a foreign energy that impedes our energy flow you can blocks the harmony of existence.  This “dark” energy causes chaos in our live by permeating our thoughts, emotions, and body.  Spiritual cleansing helps balance your vibrations and reduce negativity in your life.

When you spiritual cleanse or psychically protect yourself, you safeguard against lower vibrations.  There are many excellent times to perform energy rebalancing.  You might choose to do during an evening shower following a particularly trying day, or maybe following a string of days where you have been feeling down.  Pay attention to times you are noticing ample stress, exhaustion or anxiety.  Performing an energy balance or psychic protection can increase peace and grounding in your life while enabling you to more deeply connect with the world.

There are many different ways to cleanse yourself.  One simple method can even be done in public, like if you happen to be at work.  Settle in a chair or rest by a wall and picture a radiant white light pouring down from the Universe.  See this powerful energy pulsate above your head a few inches from your skull.  Envision it begin to coat your entire body like a purifying white rain.  Let the healing energy seep into your entire body from the outside in.  When you feel your insides bathed in white light hold the sensation for a minute.  Then allow the white light to return to the orb above your head and watch with gratitude and peace as the orb return to the Universe.

Another option is to use herbs like rosemary, rue, or sage with a purifying bath or shower.  Take a bundle of herbs and add them into a pot of water (roughly 2 liters) and boil for a few minutes.  Remove the pot from the heat and allow it to cool.  Take the pot with you the next time you decide to bathe.  Clean your body as you normally would.  Before you end empty the pot of herbal water over your head making sure the water courses down your body, front and back from the neck down.  Let the herbal water remain on your body for a few minutes.  Then exit from the shower or tub and gently pat yourself dry.  Most of the herbs will naturally fall off your body, but you can easily remove any remains with your hands.

“Negative energies” are a typical part of human existence.  Cleansing and protection skills easily restore yourself to optimal energy flow.  Because our soul is empowered to live vibrantly, we can harness our freewill to create the space to help ground and balance ourselves.  Sometimes, we need a reminder and some mindfulness to help live our best life possible.

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