Signs of a Psychic Attack

The term psychic attack may not be a familiar one, but once you understand what it means you can be on alert for the signs and symptoms of such an attack. The psychic attacks can take on a variety of forms, but the intent is always the same. This intent is to harm another person in some way, mentally or physically, possibly both. Black magic spells are often used to cause psychic attacks with harm to victims. This is such a common occurrence that there are many cultures and religions that recognize malicious spells and attacks, taking them very seriously. While not all psychic attacks are intentionally aggressive, the effects are real. Realizing what is happening can help you find a remedy to the situation before things get worse. Sadly, most people do not realize what is happening. Below are ways to prevent further damage and gain healing.

Why Would A Psychic Attack Happen?

There are a number of reasons that you may experience an emotional or mental attack because they originate from many places and can be unpredictable. However, some of the common reasons are shared below.

  • Negative energy from someone who is jealous and projecting onto your life
  • Someone is living a dark life and casting spells and curses on those who are not
  • Negative energy is being sent out from someone who is living a fearful life, though they may not realize it

It is also possible that whatever is attacking is not a person, but a spirit which means a different motivation with the same intent. Those attacks inflicted by spirits are typically when a malevolent spirit senses some weakness in your aura. The weakness may be from anxiety, drug or alcohol abuse, depression, or some other factor.

Signs of an Attack

Influx of Negative Thoughts

One of the first signs is often an influx of negative thoughts. While everyone has the occasional negative thought pass through, this is more a flood of several that points to a psychic attack. The thoughts may seem minor or even reasonable at first, but they will escalate to the point that you are totally exhausted and exasperated. They can make you question your sanity. This may feel like someone else is controlling your thoughts and when exceptionally bad, can cause you to act in an erratic manner that is completely out of character. Empaths are more vulnerable to this.

Scary Dreams

We are more susceptible to certain types of attacks when sleeping. So, some attacks may manifest as frightening nightmares that recur with you as the victim in the same scenario. While the dreams vary between victims, the nightmare is usually one of violence with a fierce opponent in chase through an unfamiliar area. The dreams may even end with some violent encounter like being strangled. These tend to be jarring enough you may not be able to sleep well the rest of that night which will leave you drained the next day.

Unrealistic Fears

If you find you are suddenly experiencing intense fears that are unrealistic, it could be a psychic attack. The fears will be intense and unexplainable, unlike anything else you have experienced. This is not something that has been triggered by anything, but comes from nowhere. In some cases with this type of attack, you may be too terrified to go outside or even get out of bed.

Severe Fatigue

Psychic attacks are draining on the energy, leaving you exhausted for seemingly no reason. The term energy vampire applies to someone who is able to drain energy off others and thrive. If you always feel drained after being with a certain person, they are likely an energy vampire. Many times, the energy vampire does not realize they are doing this. The spiritual attacks that cause this type of fatigue are usually unintentional. If this happens to you, you may feel weak, unfocused, and tired, even after sleeping well. Attackers, however, feel the opposite and appear full of life. If you are the victim of this type of attack, you may fall into an extended deep sleep to recover.


Sudden, intense, inexplicable headaches are a common sign of psychic attacks. They will likely appear at the time of day you are your most productive without any type of trigger. They may appear as the only symptoms, but may also accompany others. They are the most obvious physical symptom, so if you start having chronic headaches with normal cures not working, you may be getting psychically attacked.

Hypnotic Sensation

If you are around certain people and feel like you are in a trance or unable to gain full control of your body and mind, this can be an attack. This can be unintentional, but could be a skilled attacker who uses hypnotism to manipulate others. These tend to occur when you are in the room with the attacker, but this is not always the case so stay aware of how you feel.

Consistent Bad Luck

We all have bad luck on occasion, but if yours has become consistent across the board, then it may be a psychic attack. This is a difficult sign to pinpoint because there are many other factors to account for in a situation. If you are consistently losing just to bad luck, it is likely a sign.

Understanding these signs and symptoms will allow you to gain control of the situation.  You will be able to protect yourself and seek treatment if needed. Once you realize you are under attack, take action to put it to an end and start recovering.

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