When you are just a regular person dealing with your emotions can be hard but what happens if you are picking up the feelings and emotions of everyone around you? How would this affect your own emotions and your own mental health?

This is what it is like for people that are empaths. This is a gift from the universe that can be both good and bad. Being able to know what someone is thinking, or feeling can help you know what is going on and it can help you with different jobs and in different circumstances but what about when you become overwhelmed by all of these emotions? It is then that this gift can feel like a curse.


Empaths are people that are able to feel the feelings and emotions of those around them. This is more than just being empathic and being able to understand that people have feelings. Empaths feel the feelings of others in their own body and mind. They feel them at a deep level, and this can affect their mental wellbeing. This can be hard to deal with sometimes.

Empathic Abilities

Here are different types of empaths and their abilities:

  • Emotional empaths are people that pick up the emotions that others around them have.
  • A physical empath is someone that is able to know what someone is feeling such as a sickness or disease by feeling it in their own body.
  • Intuitive empaths are people that have strong intuition, and they are able to pick up on positive and negative energies wherever they go.
  • Plant empaths are people that can feel the feelings of plants and what they need. They know what a plant needs to survive.
  • Animal empaths can communicate with animals and know their needs and feelings.
  • Earth empaths have a strong connection with the earth and the planet.

There are people that are more than one kind of empath at a time. If you are an emotional and physical empath for example, you will pick up both the feelings and their illnesses around you.

Meditation can help to ground the empath and there are different crystals that can be used to help keep the empath happy and at peace.

How to be an Empath

Being an empath can be hard because it can be overwhelming. Here are some ways that you can combat those strong feelings:


You can begin and end each of your days by meditating. Meditating for just a few minutes can help you to clear your mind and to be calmer. It can allow you to clear your thoughts and to be grounded.

You can put on quiet music and reflect on things that can give you peace. Set a timer and meditate for at least 20 minutes each time. Close your eyes and relax.


You can do elemental balancing rituals to help you get your energy strong. This can help you to deal with your emotions in a positive way. You can shift your energy and get rid of any toxic energies in your life.

Crystals and Stones

There are different crystals that you can use to help you with the energies around you and here are some stones:

  • Black tourmaline will help to ground you and protect you from energies around you.
  • Rose quarts is a great stone to bring you peace and positivity.
  • Lapis Lazuli will give you the ability to be wise and to reach into the feelings of others.
  • Agate can help you to keep your emotions in check and help you when things around you seem out of control.
  • Malachite will get rid of stagnant energies in your life.
  • Nuummite can help you to get rid of toxic relationships without hurting your energies.


Being an empath can help you to have a great life because you can help, and you can take care of those around you. When you learn to protect yourself from the bad emotions that come into your life then it can help you to have a stronger life and career. You can also boost your emotions and your relationships with people around you.

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