The Do NOT Date List: 14 Types of Romantic Partners to Avoid

You are just getting home from what could only be the most perfect date in the history of dates.  You begin to fantasize that you have found your ideal partner and start letting your mind drift to the creating your happily ever with this paramour.  Yet, you need to be careful you don’t get so caught up in trying to race to the alter that you miss important warning signs!  If you don’t pay attention to these warning bells, you could find yourself in a disastrous situation.

Early on in a relationship we could be so enamored that we weigh a person’s positive traits so much that we think we can cure them of any negative ones.  This is risky as bad behaviors get worse with time and cause people unnecessary heartache and pain.  Instead of diving head first into the deep end with a person you think you can change, let’s explore the fifteen types of people to avoid in any long-term relations.

1)The My way or the Highway guy.

People who are fixed in their ways only become more obstinate over time. One-sided partnerships grow stale and frustrating quickly. You deserve to be in a balance relationship where you both are willing to give and take.

2) The Child who never grew up

You are meant to be a partner and not a maid nor parent in a relationship. Anyone who expects you to clean up their messes both literal and figuratively can become overly reliant on you. If you find yourself constantly giving them a reality check it’s a sign that you might need to walk away from this relationship.

3) The Cheapskate

Yes, we all like getting a great deal. Be cautious of anyone so frugal that you can’t seem to relax on dates. This may be a sign they might not be so giving in other areas of your relationship.  Ending things early can save you from giving away too much money, energy or power.

4) The Couch potato

There’s nothing wrong with relaxing on the couch and enjoying the television.  But one should always balance relaxation with chores, work, or being present in a relationship.  Choose a partner that knows the difference between obsessions, escapism and living a balanced lifestyle.

5) The Lord and Master

Again, you are a partner and not a maid. Your partner should not expect a home cooked meal every single night nor should they expect you to do all the cleaning. Chores, including food procurement and preparation, should be split fairly.  Even if things aren’t always evenly divided, you deserve to have sincere effort displayed by your mate.

6) The Phone-it-inner.

True, we typically are most romantic early in the courtship. After the sixth or so date you might be getting into a less glamourous pattern. Be leery if you start feeling like the romance have left your life altogether.  You want to make sure effort is still being made and you are enjoying each other’s company.  If you feel like things are stale already these patterns will most likely get more engrained a year or so in the future.  Consider if you can find that spark again, and if not, it could be time to reenter the dating pool.

7) The Living Dead in Bed

Pay attention to how your partner acts after the first time you have sex. Do they ask you for feedback? Are they open to new suggestions for future opportunities?  No one wants to leave the room feeling unsatisfied.  Healthy relationships have open dialogue about pleasure and how needs can be better met.  People who are lazy after having sex the first time, properly aren’t interested in having a true romance.  Let this person leave your life so they care find someone who just wants a booty call.

8) The Missing wallet

Excluding going Dutch on a date, never pay for anyone’s bill early in a relationship.  This is a clear sign of a user.  Leave now to protect your hard-earned cash or risk being taken to the cleaners!

9) The Ambitionless

If someone is talking up a good game of what they intend to do with their life they should show you steps of how they planning on achieving their goals. Anyone that lacks evidence are only spinning tales they think someone wants to hear. Growth is good, but anyone talking about their aspirations needs to be prepared to walk their talk.  Without having a plan, a couple risks financial hardships and lots of unnecessary stress.

10) The Missed call

No one should ever by tied to their phone, but responsiveness matters.  Making and replying to calls or texts it’s common way to show one cares and is invested in their partner’s life.  If your partner finds using a phone “annoying,” this could be a red flag that they are apathic or selfish.

11) The Control freak

Someone who wants to know where you are at all times and needs to approves of who you see must be avoided at all costs!  This behavior could be a sign that they could have possible future abusive tendencies and at best could negatively impact your existing external relationships.

12) The I-don’t-know-what-I want

One day, they want to be casually dating. The next day, they are picking our names for kids. A month later, they are thinking of making changes in their life.  This is a typical pattern that they are unsettled within themselves or that they might want a serious relationship with someone other than you.  Stay away.

13) The Homebody

Relaxing days at home are always nice, but not all the time. Be careful to see how this aligns with your expectations for dating. One reason for a homebody might be introverted and not like crowds or spending unnecessarily.  However, another is that they are lazy, depressed, or only interested in sex.  Talk to them about their reasons and see if you can find a compromise, if not they might not be the best partner for you.

14) The Avoider.

Having relationships outside your romance is important for you both. If your partner is unwilling to interact with your friends or family this is a significant warning sign. This becomes even worse if they aren’t willing to have you interface with their family and friends.  This could be a sign of controlling behaviors or potential toxic relationships.  End this affair immediately.

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