When Our Spirit Guides Intervene

Do you ever sit back and wonder if your spirit guides can help you and fix your life? There are ways that you can connect with your spirit guides. Your guides are there to help you and they have crossed over before you and want to see you reach your higher self.

Everyone has spirit guides and they are very important in your life. They are there to guide you and to keep you safe. Even though they are there to guide you and keep you safe, some wonder why they let bad things happen to you.


A spirit guide can warn you about danger if it is coming your way. This happens when you are in your car and you decide to go a different way or when you are later than you wanted to be.

The spirit guides can be there to help you, it is up to them. They can warn you and if you choose to take action then you are listening to them.

How They Work

Spirit guides work the same way that your intuition works. They do whatever they can to get your attention such as signs, symbols, feelings and more. Sometimes, we choose not to listen to them, just like we choose not to listen to our gut feelings.

We might meet someone that is new, and your spirit guide might tell you to stay away from them. If you ignore them, chances are you will get yourself in a mess that is not good for you. Despite how they warn you, if you do not listen, they cannot make you do what they say.

Can They Harm You?

A spirit guide is not there to hurt you and they never have negative intentions for your life. They are there to try to help you reach your highest good.

You might have a dream or a vision from your spirit guide, or you might even hear them talking to you. Be open minded and listen to them.


Keep a journal of all the messages that your spirit guides give you. They are there to talk to you and to communicate with you. They will show you different things in your life.

Your spirit guide is full of wisdom and knowledge and has been here before and can help you if you just choose to open up and listen to them.


Always pay attention to your spirit guides. Have you ever been in a bad situation that you were able to get out of or have you ever had something happened to you that made you avoid the situation all together?

If you answered yes to either of those things, chances are that your spirit guides were there to guide you and lead you. They will be there to protect you and to help you along your way.

All you have to do is to ask your guides to help you and they will.

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