Connecting with a Loved One After They Pass

When your loved one passes away, chances are they will try to show you that they are there by sending you signs such as a white feather, a coin or something else that is symbolic to you.

People are more than physical beings and they are made up of a body and a soul. When the body dies, the soul survives and when you feel that someone is close, this is not an accident.

Souls do not just stop interacting because they have no body. The soul will still know people on the earth and will love you and will want to connect with you.

People say that the soul cannot communicate directly but there are ways that you can communicate with someone that has passed over and they can pass messages to you. Even though someone that dies is no longer with you, you can learn to communicate with them.

When a loved one dies, there is a world that is open between the physical and the spiritual world and this is where you can connect with them through the soul.

People that die are not gone forever and when they die, it becomes the reality of someone else. We have an individual mind and the world in the spirit world is a hidden world and once your loved one goes there; you can access this world through mystical abilities.

Talking to spirits can never be separated and there will always be a strong bond with someone even after they die. This bond continues after death. Even though it is hard to grasp, there are signs that your loved ones will send you and you will want to learn how to contact them.

In order to experience this, you have to learn to slow down and learn how to get information from beyond your senses. This is the sixth sense and it is something that we all have. It is made up just of energy and not of skin or bones.

Entering into this world is like going through an open door. You have to open up your mind and this can help to shape who you are and help you to reach another dimension. This is like being in a different consciousness and like having an out of body experience.

Some people will never open this door and they will miss out on talking to someone that they are missing or someone that has died. No matter how you look at it, life is like a journey and when you allow your brain to open up, you can reach both the spatial and the linear world.

Steps to Connecting with Your Loved One that Passed On

There are ways you can connect with your loved one that has become deceased such as:

  • Breathe deeply and keep your eyes clothes.
  • Walk towards the door and look at the door and notice all of the details about it.
  • Go towards the door and feel the powers that you have and see the light surrounding the area.
  • Get closer to the door and notice if it is open or clothes.
  • What stands out around the door?
  • Find a place to sit or keep walking and see what kind of reality you notice.
  • What do you feel and what do you see?
  • Do you see your loved one there?
  • Take a deep breath and then when you come back to reality, write down what you felt in your journey.

Everyone will find their loved one when they want to, and this is part of your journey. On your journey you will use your imagination and you will see images that come to your mind. Your imagination can create things, but you will not feel or experience these things, when you do, this is called visualizing and not imagining.

Visualizing is like dreaming and will take you to a different place. It can make you feel warm and tingly and it can help you to understand your experience. The more chance you have on your journey, the less doubt you will have.

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