Ex Isn’t Coming Back

It can be miserable to wait for someone that is never coming back to you. You might wonder though if you should give up so soon or if you need to hold on a little longer. The problem is that letting go is hard, but it takes two people to fix a broken relationship.

You can’t make someone love you and you might have to get to a point where you just accept that the relationship is over and move on. There are some signs that you can look at that can tell you if your relationship is over or if you should keep hanging on.

Here is how you can know if it’s over:

  • He Blocks You Out

If your ex has blocked you on all of his social media, this is a way that he is telling you that he is done. He doesn’t want to talk to you, and he doesn’t want you to see his things and his private life. He is basically saying that he is done with you and things are over.

It is likely that if this happened to you that you are hurt, and you might wonder why the did this. You might wonder what caused all of this action. The truth is though that it doesn’t matter why he did it, just that he is taking the breakup seriously and you need to as well.

He most likely won’t come back if he has blocked you. This is enough for you to know that he doesn’t want you to text him or talk to him.

  • He Avoids you

Another sign that he wants to be done is that he will avoid you. He will do whatever it takes to make sure not to run into you. He might not go to parties that you have the same friends or go to the same restaurants that you and him frequented.

Him doing this means that he made up his mind that the relationship is over, and he wants to move on. This can be hard to hear but you need to move on as well.

  • He Got His Things

When your ex is done with the relationship, he will pick up his things so that he doesn’t have to come back to see you. Your ex will want to get his things and he will be telling you that the relationship is over. This is a way that he cuts ties.

  • Avoids Time with You

When two people aren’t sure if they are going to work things back out, they might take the chance to see each other just to see how it feels. If your ex is avoiding spending one on one time with you, this likely means that he is over with the relationship.

He has made the decision to avoid seeing you and he doesn’t want to take a chance to feel more pain. Your ex is making sure that you aren’t alone together, and he is avoiding any kind of interaction.

  • He is Distant

When a guy is distant to you then he probably doesn’t want to be hurt again. He will guard his heart and make sure that he isn’t in the same situation that he was in before.

This kind of guy will put up walls to protect himself and he doesn’t want to try and start over building trust again. He is telling you that he doesn’t want us to get back together.

  • He is Different

If you feel that your ex is being different than he used to be, then he needs to just stay a stranger to you, and you need to let him move on. Sometimes when breakups are painful, people become different. This is a sign he probably won’t get back with you.

  • No Contact

A couple that breaks up will not have their feelings go away the next day. It takes time to heal. You could be the one that is hurt or upset, and he could have those same feelings. Maybe you still have deep feelings for each other that aren’t healed yet.

You might need to cut off the idea that he misses you and even if you are sad, you might need to just accept that the relationship is over and move forward.

If your ex hasn’t reached out to you for a long time, chances are that he is over the relationship, and he is ready to move on with someone else.

Can You Tell He is Over You?

After reading this, chances are that you will know if your ex is over, you or not. Relationships can be hard but not every relationship is going to work out. It takes two people to make a relationship work and if he has decided that he is over you then there is nothing you can do about it.

If you see the signs above with your ex, you need to stop waiting for him and you need to move forward and find someone else. Don’t keep feeling rejected and hurt but choose to move on to something new.

Moving on after a breakup is hard but you can do it. If you decide to keep fighting for him, make sure that you are in a place where you are strong and you can handle it if he keeps rejecting you.

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