Are They Using You?

Being taken for granted and being used can be painful, especially if it’s happening in your own relationship. It is easy to ignore how someone will help you so much in your life when you’re a selfish person.

Using someone and taking them for granted is a serious thing and there has to be something done in the relationship if its happening to you.

Here are some signs that they might be using you!

  • They No Longer Care What You Think

In a relationship it is important that you seek the advice of your partner. When someone realizes that you’re important and your opinion matters, they will ask you to help them make decisions. When this isn’t happening anymore, chances are you are being taken for granted.

  • They Don’t Take Care of Themselves

Your partner should be taking care of themselves and trying to impress you each and every day. This doesn’t matter if you live together or live apart. Your partner should be grooming and if they aren’t and they still want you to sleep with them, no thank you!

  • Talk When They Need Something

If you have a partner that is not being about you and them only text you when they need something, they are using you. There should be communication all the time and they shouldn’t just be talking to you when they need a booty call.

  • Work Comes First

Even though your career is important, if you are putting your career first over your partner then chances are you are taking advantage of them. Your partner should be part of everything in your life and there should be balance between your career and your relationship.

  • They Break Their Promises

A partner that is constantly breaking their promises is one that has no respect for you. They will make promises and then break them, and this shows they are taking advantage of you.

  • They Don’t Give Small Talk

Instead of giving the small talk or asking how your day has been, they go right into what they want and need. They might come in and just ask what’s for dinner instead of asking how your day was.

  • Lack of Communication

When you are talking to your partner, and they want to hurry and stop talking to you then you likely have a lack of communication happening. This can be a sign that your partner is just using you.

  • Putting Friends First

Another thing that your partner might be putting first is their friends. If this is happening and you feel that you aren’t as important as your partner’s friends, then this can be a problem.

  • Lack of Intimacy

Another thing that can be lacked in a relationship where you’re being taken for granted is the intimacy. Even though relationships go through hard times, when your partner doesn’t want to have sex or to be intimate, this can be a big problem.

  • Refusing to Listen

Even if your partner is hearing you speak, they should be listening and they should be caring about what you’re saying. If they aren’t, they are being inattentive to you.

  • You Haven’t Met Their Family

A person that loves you will want to show you off and they will want you to meet their family or their friends. If this hasn’t happened, then chances are they are just using you.

  • They Use Up Your Time

When your partner schedules things like appointments or repairs on days that you’re off and free, they are probably using you. Things should be split equally if you’re with someone and especially if you’re living together. If this isn’t happening and they are using their free time for themselves, it might be time to move on.

  • They Are Always Late

It is disrespectful for someone to constantly show up late. Your partner should be making an effort to be there for you and if they care about you they will.

  • Unequal Love

Relationships are about giving and getting and if one is always getting and not giving then this is unfair, and it shows that they are taking advantage of you. If you have a selfish partner that is only meeting their needs, you need to take note of that.

  • They Don’t Say “Thank You.”

Thank you might happen at the beginning of the relationship but if you’ve noticed that they don’t say thank you anymore then this can be a problem. They should acknowledge the kind things that you do for them and even a small thank you can make things good.

  • They Don’t Meet Your Needs

Everyone in the relationship has needs and you should be working together to listen to each other’s needs and to meet them. If your partner isn’t doing this and you are always meeting their needs, then they are taking you for granted.

  • They Don’t Tell You Things Have Changed

If something changes and your partner is going to be late, they should respect you enough to tell you. They would do this for someone else and if this is happening over and over again, notice it as a sign.

  • They Expect Too Much

Your partner might expect you to do everything and expect too much from you. If they do, they are taking advantage of your kindness.

  • They Aren’t Attentive Anymore

If they used to give you attention and now it seems to be gone, they are likely no longer about you. They are focusing on their own needs, and they aren’t noticing what you need.

  • Cheating

A partner that is cheating is definitely taking advantage of you. You might want to consider leaving the relationship if you’re being treated that poorly.

  • They No Longer Try to Impress You

At the beginning of relationships your partner will do what he can to impress you and to get you to notice him. If this is no longer happening and you see that they no longer care about how they look in front of you, they might no longer care about you.

  • They Don’t Sacrifice

If you’re the only one making sacrifices and they don’t do this then you will never be satisfied with them. They will put their own needs above your own and when this happens, they take you for granted.

  • They Constantly Disappoint You

When you find yourself being constantly disappointed then this is a big sign that they are no longer in love with you, and they are using you. You might have a partner that is constantly failing you and disappointing you. If this happens, reconsider your relationship.

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