Your intuition will guide you and it is more than just a feeling, but it comes from deep within your heart. This is sometimes called a gut feeling but it is connected to your soul and to your life. As you learn to listen to yourself and your intuition, you will see that it can be powerful, and you can learn to trust it.

As you get feelings, you will find out if they are true based on your intuition and based on what you are thinking and feeling. The signals that your intuition gives you will be powerful, but you have to learn to listen and not ignore your feelings.

Here are some things that your intuition will guide you on:

  • Danger

Your intuition will tell you when something is dangerous or when there is danger around you. You were born with instinct and so when something isn’t right or is off, you are able to use your intuition and your instinct to know that something isn’t right. Listen to your heart.

Intuition will help you to make good decisions and to make sure that you are doing things that are keeping you safe.

You also are able to use your intuition to know when someone else is in danger. This is someone that you will be connected to and even if they are in a little danger or big danger, your intuition will tell you.

  • Creativity and Inspiration

Intuition will also help you to find things that inspire you and help you to be more creative. It will give you things inside of you that are passionate about you and will help you to reach your goals.

  • Sickness

If you have something going on inside of your body such as a sickness, your intuition can tell you this. You will be able to know something doesn’t seem right and that is your intuition talking to you. Your body will know something is wrong before your mind does, learn to listen and stay connected.

  • Something Feels Right

Besides telling you when something is wrong, your intuition will tell you when something is right. This can be a relationship or a decision that you make. When you feel that something is just right, it probably is.

  • Knowing Someone

You might meet someone for the first time and feel that you have known them forever. They will give you a feeling that they aren’t a stranger, and you will recognize them. They might even be from your past.

Final Thoughts

Listening to your intuition can be part of your self-discovery. It is a level of wisdom that will help you to stay connected to yourself and the universe.

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