Cleaning Your Chakras

Summer and spring bring times of promises and it is a time to clean yourself spiritually.  Just like you have to clean your home, you have to clean your “inner home,” and get behind those cluttering messes.  These cluttering messes have to do with what is in the chakras.

Balancing and Rejuvenating

When you want to feel better about your life, you have to make sure that you are in balance and harmony with the universe.  You have to figure out how to work to align yourself and to increase your vibrations.  There is a way that you can clean and balance your chakras and make your energy field clean from all of the negative energies that you have.

Energy Healing

Even though you cannot see your chakras with the naked eye, this is the energy that is in your field, your universal field.  This energy helps to keep your body strong and to heal you when you are sick.  When you have negative energies, it can cause you to be down and to feel sick.

You must learn to heal your energy so that you can get your field of energy strong and it can protect you.  When your chakras are blocked, it can cause your energy flow to be strained.  This can cause you to have sickness, diseases and mental illnesses.

Your energy field is like a pipe, the energy that flows through it can sometimes get stuck and can cause the pipes to burst or can cause a leak.  These leaks can cause you to have energy that is not healthy.  You must keep your energy clean in order to be strong and healthy.

Clear It

If you want to feel better and whole, you must keep your chakras clean and clear.  You can get rid of your blockages that are caused by childhood and adult trauma.  You must learn to be strong and to tackle messes in your life.  You need to not ignore things that you are feeling and learn to clear out the negative energies.

Clearing out the negative energies will help you to have a healthy body and will help to get rid of the negativity out of your life.  You must balance all of the chakras. You can figure out which chakra is blocked and learn to balance them.  Go to an energy healer if you need help.

Balancing Your Chakras

There are ways you can balance your chakra such as:

  • Ground your chakra by walking barefoot in nature.
  • Use water as a cleansing; swim or take a bath.
  • Move and workout.
  • Go into the sun.
  • Love someone and receive their love.
  • Love unconditionally.
  • Speak the truth.
  • Journal your thoughts.
  • Meditate daily.
  • Open the seventh chakra by meditating.
  • Ask your spiritual guides for help.


You can help your chakras to grow strong and these will help to keep all areas of your life in check.  Some of these areas such as weight loss, career, self-esteem, spiritual growth and more all come from your chakras.  When you are balanced, you will feel healthy and strong.  When you begin to spring clean your house, take time to spring clean your “inner house” as well.

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