Lifting Your Energy Field

Meeting the things in life and in our spirit can be hard especially when there are always negative energies around us.  It is easy to get to a point where you become fearful and overwhelmed in life.  This happens when there are spiritual people that are looking for high vibrations, but they are in places where the energies are negative.

They have to be in a place where they can uplift themselves and increase their vibrational frequency not their own.

There are some skills that can be done that can help people that are feeling stressed and overwhelmed, especially those that are experiencing emotional problems.

When someone gets to a point where they are focused on how bad things are, they have to be able to fix this part of their energy field.  There will not be a light to lift you and you have to learn to have logic and reasoning in order to get unstuck and there is a higher power that can help.

Spirit Permeation

When you find that you are stuck and you have a low energy field, you have to be able to fix this and you can do this by going to your spirit.  When you make this connection, you will automatically increase your vibrational frequency and you will have this divine connection, and this will give you power to all of your life.

When you stay in the spiritual field, you will have to remember that there is love, joy, happiness, peace, goodness, power and more that the spirit will give you and allow this to take your energies and trust it.  You have to relax and surrender to it.

Without touching this, you will have better energy and your spirit will fix you immediately.  You will not have to wait for your problems to go away, your spirit guides will take your problems and they will take are of it for you.

You know that this will release you from this and you will not have to worry about your problems, just let your spirit guide do all of the work.  The spirit can do much better for you than you can do alone, and you have to just learn to surrender.  Allow your higher vibrations to take over.

Your spirit will remain with you and you will stay on the right path.  Even if you go off the path here and there it is okay because the spirit knows what direction you are going, and the spirit will do whatever it can to lead you in the right direction.  This will help you to practice being stronger and you can do this while you are reflecting and observing things around you.

When you are worried about letting go of your energies and trusting, this happens because the ego takes over.  When you can deny your ego, this is powerful and will raise your energy level.

When you do this, the spirit can be stronger, and you will become more tuned in to what you are hearing, and you will be connected.  This can bring healing for you and allow you to have transformation.

When you have a problem to deal with, do it without your ego because that only causes you problems and burdens.  You have to better yourself and you can do this by bettering the energy around you and not struggling.

You have to step into who you are, and you have to speak love, kindness and have a good heart.  You have to make a difference to those in the world around you.  Be kind and loving and thank the universe for everything it does for you.

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