Communicating with Departed Pets

The life of pets will impact you and will leave a print on your heart. They choose their humans just like the humans choose them and when your pet dies, it can cause the fur parents to have a lot of grief. The thought of losing your pet is almost as hard as losing a person.

Your pet will rely on you for everything that they have, and they do not care about how much money you have or what you do that is not perfect. They don’t care about your past and the bond that you will share with them is strong. When your pet dies, the bond does not just disappear.

Many people will talk about how much love they have for their pet and it will be the same feelings that they have about a soulmate or a person.

Some people believe in communication from the spiritual world, but it does not mean that even if you do not see the signs that this communication is not happening. Pet communication is the same as contacting a loved one that has passed to the other side. There are signs that you can see when a loved one wants to contact you and when one wants to show you that they are there to protect you.

When you want to talk to someone in the afterlife, you can, and a pet can help you to get over your grieving by communicating with you after they die. After their body is gone, you will feel like you are missing them, and you will be very sad and lonely. Your pets can send you signs though that they are there and can help you to get over the pain of their loss.

Your pet loves you unconditionally and they want to be loved by you just the same. This continues on earth and even when your pet passes on.


One of the best ways that your pet can communicate with you is through dreams. They can visit you in a dream and it might be very detailed for you and happy. After you experience this with your pet, you will realize that animals communicate with telepathy and when they visit, you will feel the message through your mind.

If you wake up sad after your dream, you will realize that the visit from your pet was very real and that they are there to comfort you. The visit might feel so real that you go and look for your pet because it seemed like they were right there with you.

Everyone can get a dream visit form their pet, you can ask your spiritual guides to help you have energy to visit your pet and to communicate with them.

Hear Them

When your pet dies, you will realize how quiet your home is. You might miss the sounds that your pet makes such as barking or meowing. There are some ways that your pet can show you that he or she is still there with you and this is some things you might hear:

  • A dog tag moving or shaking.
  • Nails walking on the floor.
  • A bark.
  • A meow.
  • A purr.
  • Treats rolling on the floor.
  • Snoring.
  • The cage rattling.
  • A bell that your pet wore on its collar.
  • Toys being played with.
  • Arguing with other pets.

No matter what kind of pet you had, it is normal that these pets will make different sounds all throughout the day. Your pet might be on the other side and want to connect with you so they will make noises for you to know that they are there.


Your loved ones, such as your pet, will have a certain scent that you are used to. Your pet can leave this scent to show you that they are okay and that they are still there to protect you and love you. The scent is the most important way that your pet can communicate to you and this might be some of the things you smell:

  • A flea collar.
  • Their shampoo.
  • The smell of fur.
  • The smell of wet fur after a bath.
  • The smell of their breath.
  • The smell of their poop.
  • The smell of animal food.
  • What their bed smells like.

Most animals are able to smell very well and so this is a sign that is important to your pet. Your pet can send you a smell fast and it can leave just as quickly but remember that it’s their way of saying hi to you.

See Their Love

Your pets want you to be happy and at peace and they do not want to scare you when they are there visiting you form the other side. They do this because they want to say hello to you.

When your pets come to say hi to you, you might just see something out of the corner of your eye and when you look at it, it might be gone.

Here are some messages that your pet can leave for you:

  • Repeating numbers.
  • Butterflies or birds.
  • Colors that represent your pet that died.
  • Coins or feathers.

It is rare for a pet to show themselves to you in their full self or even like a ghost, but it is not rare for them to visit you in a dream or a vision.

When a spirit comes to you, you must remember that their vibrations are stronger because they have stronger energies. This is the same as when you go on a roller coaster or an airplane and you feel different altitude. These feelings are similar to what you will feel when your pet comes to visit you from the spirit world:

  • Chills
  • Goosebumps
  • Shiver or shake.
  • Stress
  • Ringing in the ears
  • Popping in the ears
  • Electricity
  • Sadness from nowhere
  • An itchy throat
  • Tightness in your chest

Some pet owners that have seen their spirit animal come to them have even felt their animal get in bed with them or heard the cat litter moving from the litter room. Others have felt their pet get on their lap or lick them. Some have even felt their skin brush against them.

When you feel your pet that has crossed to the other side, this can be a new thing for you, and you have to be open and believing.

Always Loved

The bond that you had with your pet was an unconditional bond and you loved them with everything in you. There is no way to explain grief and you have to learn to get over it in your own time. Grief is something that will be there, but it will slowly heal, and you will see the hurt fade. You need to be aware though that even though your pets die, they do not stop communicating with you.

Just like you can communicate with your dead loved ones, you can also communicate with your dead pets. When you do this, they can help you to stop grieving and help you to move forward in life. Your pets can help you to get over the loss that you felt when they passed and they can show you that they will love you forever, no matter what. Your pet will be waiting for you when you join them in the afterlife.

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