5 Crystals You Should Use to Improve Your Life

Some people swear by crystals while others are skeptical of their power. The way they work remains a mystery, but there is anecdotal evidence that they can be helpful in several areas of your life.

Crystals have been viewed as powerful for thousands of years. The Old Testament has a story of God giving instructions on the crystals to be put and the order of their installation on breastplates for Levi priests. There is also a passage about the construction of a temple in heaven that includes references to numerous gems.

Likewise, many tribes both before the time of Christ and after viewed gems and mineral rocks as holding power. Even Jesus said that if people didn’t praise him “the rocks and hills would cry out.”

There are five crystals many claims have extraordinary power. Below is more information about each of them.

Lemurian Quartz

There are different kinds of quartz and the Lemurian quartz is more opaque than most people see. Originally found in Brazil, this is considered a master crystal because they are supposed to help you reach a higher consciousness level. Legend has it there is a grid of them on this planet and within numerous star systems. The idea is this crystal is supposed to allow those throughout the universe to communicate.

The origins of this crystal are unclear, but one story is a peaceful civilization, like Atlantis, created them and programmed them with the knowledge that humans would be able to get to the information in the future. They even have something that resembles a barcode that can be felt with your finger.


The stabilizing Moonstone looks magical with a milky appearance that appears to shine and glow. It is said to calm emotions, enhance intuition, and offer travel protection. On the practical side, it helps women strike a hormonal balance, assists men in synching with their emotional side, and helps your third eye. Ways to use it include using it calms emotions during lunar changes. It is most powerful during a full moon and also works well when you sleep next to it.


This crystal activates things in your life and is known to open chakras. It is particularly active with the heart, crown, and sixth chakra.  Its green color has a connection to the heart, which results in more compassion. It is considered an extraterrestrial rock because it comes from a meteor. This powerful crystal should be used carefully as it has an overload of energy some people can’t handle. It is a transformative crystal that speeds up your energy. That could mean it will increase your dreams and visions or help you remember them. It is supposed to also give you more understanding of the world and people.


The Labradorite is a beautiful stone full of blue, green, and even pink and purple colors. It shines and flickers when the light catches it, making it appear magical. Reportedly, it is linked to Atlantis, and cultures have used it for millennia to see the unseen in the world. It helps you communicate with other realms and is connected to revealing prophecy, clairvoyance, telepathy, and even past life readings. Practically, it can help break addictions.


This is a partially white crystal, a bit clear with a hint of light green. Although the highest quality is supposed to come from India, these crystals can be found in Germany, Ireland, Italy, Mexico, Ireland, and Africa too. It connects to your third eye and crown chakra and is used in reiki to direct and magnify energy. It also has a claim of linking physical and spiritual worlds, release negative thoughts, amplify psychic abilities, and clear spaces of negativity.

Each stone will feel different in their energy as you start working with them. You don’t need to do anything special to activate them. Holding them or wearing them in jewelry is enough. However, many hold them during meditation to access the highest energy levels.

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