Karmic Relationships

Many people experience karmic relationships, and this often will happen if one of you is an old soul. This can happen when you have karmic energy left over from a previous life. A karmic relationship can come when you have past life karma with someone, or you have had a relationship with them in a past life.

Some people are unhealthy and live in unhealthy homes or relationships and so when a karmic relationship shows up, people will sometimes believe that this is real love because the fear and the abuse is no longer happening int heir mind.

Their psyche will tell them that they have a connection, and this happens especially with karmic relationships and can be like an addiction. Someone that has been in a karmic relationship will often experience an addiction like feeling to this person and they will not understand why.

Emotionally Abusive

Many karmic relationships are emotionally abusive because the person has been involved with this person in their past life. They will push and pull you or be rude to you and it can be hard for you to understand why they treat you the way they do.

A karmic relationship might end with you choosing to walk away and many are fun and addictive but many of them are ended fast and are hard.

If someone is doing the work that their soul is pushing them to do and they feel emotional towards someone, but they are treating you bad, this is not love at all. You have to remind yourself that you are important, and you deserve more.

You will have a time come in your life where you are aware of how people are treating you. This can be a karmic bond and will make you feel like you desire to be with them. You are really needing to get away from this and have freedom from this and just because something feels good for a season does not mean it is good for you.

A karmic relationship can be a terrible situation and when you find you are in a situation like this, you should go away as fast as you can from it.

Avoiding It

A karmic relationship can bring up a lot of pain and hurt and as long as you are avoiding it then you will be forced to settle for less than you deserve or really want.

What you need to do when someone comes that has been in a karmic relationship with you is to not let the relationship be one sided. You have to find out what they want and decide if you are moving forward with them or moving forward form them.

When you need to remove yourself from a karmic relationship, it can be the best response that you have. Taking time out of your life to entertain this kind of relationship can cause you to miss peace and to have pain and hurt in your life.


A karmic relationship can be important because it has taught you a life lesson, but it can also be very emotional and upsetting. Even though a karmic relationship can show you what unconditional love s, it will also show you what it looks and feels like to be broken.

Do not allow people to treat you in a way that you do not deserve to be treated and always know your self-worth.

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