Mystic Mantra

Energy goes through our thoughts and it is something that does not create any kind of friction. The energy in your mind and body goes through your aura and the aura has different colors that help others to know what you are feeling if you are healthy and strong.

The aura is part of being a human being and it is who you are. The aura can be based on your relationships and can help you to increase or see a decline in your vibrations.

The aura is important depending on who you are. The traits of a person help to decide his life and what he or she will do in their life.

The colors of the aura are basic colors for all people, and they go in different colors such as blue, green, red, orange, violet and even golden and white. These colors reflect how strong and healthy the aura is.

When people meet, they connect usually through the eyes. They look into each other’s eyes and this reached the chakra. This is the emotional center of your body and is located near the sternum and at the ribs. This is the chakra that helps you to feel excited when you meet someone or when you do something good.

Another connection happens with the auras. Once you connect through the eyes, the aura is the second connection, and this connects with the colors that your aura lets off. When the colors of your aura and someone else’s aura match, it helps the relationship to develop and get stronger.

When a person has a change in their aura and things begin to change, it can cause the colors of the aura to change and this can cause the partners to not get along as well.

If you meet someone that is spiritual like you, chances are that your aura colors will be the same. But when your partner begins to think about others, about sex or other things, the physical colors might change to orange, blue, red, or green.

The red and the violet colors do not work together well so when these colors change and your colors do not, it can cause you to no longer have a happy relationship. This can cause disunity and cause you to have problems with your partner.

If the two of you have met on a physical rather than a spiritual plane, the chances of the colors staying strong is not good and the colors will begin to change and you and your partner might see that you have different directions in life that you want to go.

Neither of you are wrong, just the energies are changing, and this might mean that your relationship will not work out.

As auras change, people change and so do relationships. When the auras match, you will be comfortable with this person that you meet but as the colors and patterns change over time, so will the relationship.

This is why it is important that you pick a partner that has the same feelings and thoughts as you. Maybe you meet someone that likes the same hobbies that you like, and this will cause the aura colors to match and will not let the colors fade. The colors will stay similar because the thoughts and hobbies are the same.

Energy flow is important and there should be no friction. Some believe that an aura is a myth and that it is not true or real, but the truth is, there have been many people that have proven that the aura is real and many doctors have even seen the proof.

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