Twin Ascents

One of the most powerful unions that you can ever experience is a twin flame union. When this happens, you will see that your relationship with your twin flame is about learning and about becoming a better person. The relationship will be stronger as time goes on, but this happens only after your twin goes through their ascension and they reach a higher spiritual level. This is when your vibrations and their vibrations will get high and will reach each other.

Here are some symptoms that your twin flame might experience with this bond that you have with them:

  • Senses Get Intense

When you go through your spiritual ascension, your spiritual self will get stronger but so will your physical senses. You will be able to taste, smell, hear, touch, and see better than ever. People that are perceptive will see that they are more prone to hearing things and their senses will be strong.

  • Imbalances

You will feel imbalanced in your energy. There will be days that you have so much energy and then there will be days that you have little energy and you’re tired. Whatever you have planned in your life will need to be based around some of these imbalances until you reach your full spiritual self.

  • Important Events Occur

As you go through your ascension you will see that there will be events that come up that you never expected. You will go through death of someone you love, a new job, a new relationship, and other things. These can be things that are good or bad, but you have to let these things happen in order to grow.

  • Getting Rid of Stuff

It will be important that you get rid of things that you no longer need and that no longer serve you. This can be things that you believed before, bad relationships, mass media, social ideas and more. Get rid of these things and find a new perspective.

  • New Ideas

You can get new ideas and new knowledge when you read and study. This will be part of your spiritual growth and you need to learn all that you can at this time.

  • Nature

You will want to connect with nature, and you will need to notice things like the lunar cycles and make connections with plants and animals.

  • Be Real

Live according to who you are and be real. Friends and family members will have things in common with you and this can be getting a new degree and tuning into what you’re hearing. People that see you the way that you really will like you more.

  • Strong Intuition

There are times that your intuition will grow. You need to manage the way that you talk to people and you need to be open in your mind and your body. You will have lucid dream and you will see that you can reach a higher frequency and see what other people don’t see.

  • Find Your Purpose

This will be a time to find your purpose and to find meaning. You need to use your job to help yourself and others and as a human you will see that your activities are ways that you can improve your life and grow.

  • Becoming One with the Universe

As you grow and you become spiritual you will see that you can become one with the universe. The universe is waiting for you to grow, and you have to make sure that you have empathy for yourself and for others. Be confident and show unconditional love and compassion and this will make you feel at peace and one with the universe.

Final Thoughts

The twin flame ascension will help you to change your life and to have a sacred bond with your twin flame. These are changes that are needed to bring peace to your life and the world around you.

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