Ending a Relationship with Your Twinflame

Ending any relationship is difficult, but it grows ten-fold when its with your Twinflame.  This is because it will feel like a piece of yourself is getting removed.  Your Twinflame possesses the deep energetic essence of your being even if you haven’t met yet let alone fallen in love.  You are entwined karmically experiencing each other’s emotions and spiritual growth.  Your vibrations and energy are sent to one and another and reverberate on a spiritual level.  You both seek to be together with each other in every way (spiritually, mentally and physically) to feel karmically complete.

Cycle of Runner and Chaser

In every lifetime we are given the gift from the divine of free will.  Sometimes we experience a pattern where on member of the Twimflame couple is aware while the other is not.  This is known as the Runner and Chaser dynamic.  It is our choice in a lifetime to seek out our Twinflame.  However, we must prepare ourselves for this meeting, even if this means we select other romantic partners for a given lifetime.  We then go through a series of options, situations and lessons to help our soul grow and be ready for that special day we meet our Twinflame.

Chaos and Negativity

It is typical that before Twinflames meet in person, they both experience a period of chaos and negativity.  It can help to try to communicate with your twinflame prior to the meeting through dreamwork, mediations or mindful use of your thoughts, feels and emotions.  You will find it similar to talking with your most trusted friend.  Any energy your put forth will be received by your twinflame on whatever level they are prepared to accept and process it.

Ending a Relationship

Although there are reasons you might have to part ways with your twinflame in a lifetime, you will never full sever your soul connection.  Combat this pain and trauma by focusing your attention and energy onto other nonromantic or interpersonal facets of your life for a period of time.  Although you must part ways physically you both will continue to share unconditional love and profound emotional ties.  When twinflames part at a spiritual level they know its for the most benevolent of reasons and will allow both individuals to progress further down the path towards enlightenment.  They know at this deepest level that someday they will reunite, stronger than ever at the best possible time.  Accepting this ultimate trust can help shift a person’s perspective into something more peaceful and healthier.  Keep moving forward in your life and being present in any future relationships.

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