Twin Flame Relationships Can Work: Four Requirements

Twin flames have an undeniable, intense bond that is instinctive, often instant. They feel at home with one another from the moment they meet. Twin flames seem to know they have come together for a reason. Twin flames even instinctively know that they will play a strong role in one another’s lives.

They are often also perplexed when it comes to understanding how such a powerful, energetic connection can develop so quickly. This is especially true given the dynamic of chaos, drama, and confusion that often surrounds the relationship.

There is potential for twin flame relationships to be highly loving and transformative, but the beginning is usually highly turbulent. There may also be pain and trauma early on. This is because initially, twin flames challenge and test each other in a weird power struggle. This is to establish control and balance, but coming together eventually breaks down that desire and personal egos.

Despite the connection, twin flames often find themselves in separate locations physically. This will require them to merge energies to get into balance. Until this equilibrium is established, they will not find peace or fulfillment in the relationship.

Twin flame unity is an extremely high calling and needs to function in a healthy manner. This requires four elements, which will be explained, to be balanced and healed.


Upon meeting, twin flames feel compelled to love deeper than they believed possible due to open heart-centers. The heart is the center for a human’s feelings, thinking, and even knowledge so it generates lots of energy. This energy allows twin flames to communicate telepathically when bonded so strongly. In fact, when it comes to magnetic fields, the heart is about 100 times stronger than the brain.

When twin flames find one another, they can telepathically send and receive comforting assurances from one another that are authentic and mutual in nature. This form of communication creates the necessary faith to surrender to the connection and wait for the soul to work things out for harmony.

Twin flames are simply energetic mirrors when in contact, reflecting both good and bad. This is a positive because in order to find our unresolved issues we need this mirror. Twin flames trigger hidden emotions and highlight shadows so that forgiveness and understanding can ultimately be found. This allows each person to ultimately love themselves without condition.

When twin flames meet, it is rare for them to instantly fall in love, though teaser waves of love are immediately present. These will become permanent as each flame learns self-acceptance. This work can take time, but it is necessary. The emotional connection requires courage and vulnerability as it is a risk for being hurt. However, if both participate then pure love can be found.


A strong mental connection also exists with twin flames. Conversations never seem to end and do not ever need to include anyone else. It may seem as if time and space no longer matter as the vibe given off is easily addictive. The brain views a twin flame as a magical being that causes intense attention to be paid as things are expressed.

Twin flames often share similar morals, values, goals, interests, and overall beliefs. On the surface they may appear opposites, but complimentary and in balance. They will often share a love for a specific hobby or social cause. Twins flames may also find complimentary skills or talents that will join to finish a set goal or mission. When connected, they are strengthened, enhanced, and confident in amazing ways. They must also find one another mentally stimulating. This will maintain the friendship.


Meeting in person for twin flames results in an intense chemical and physical attraction. Kundalini energy is awakened to accelerate spiritual growth. Both partners are forced to go on a personal soul journey where personal self-aspects are called into question. This can offer new personal light. This new awareness of faults and flaws can cause twin flames to separate as emotional wounds are healed and dysfunctional behavior altered. This can take years before a permanent reunion can happen.

When first meeting, the powerful physical attraction is the merging of energy field that may seem otherworldly. This will be the first time either twin has felt such a feeling because they are with someone of the same energetic signature. Both will radiate on the same frequency. This goes beyond sexual attraction, but does have a primal manner to it. Being attracted solely for the physical will not complete the connection for twin flames.


Twin flame connections are rare. They are also sacred. When twin flames meet, a wild journey begins to unravel, one made up of unconditional love. This causes the flames to evolve quickly in a turbulent relationship. However, throughout the journey, there are empowering soul lessons that bring on power, wisdom, and knowledge for each flame. This happens if they are open to learning in this way.

The twin flames will work separately and together to become their best selves. They can help one another heal past wounds without judgement. In fact, the innate ability to sense the other person’s emotions is a determining factor in twin flames. They can often read one another’s moods, even when not in proximity to each other.

When twin flames are separated it can be painful, but it is essential for healing to occur. The aching is needed to work through the healing process. The separation is only an illusion anyway as all is connected through energy. For twin flames to be unconditionally connected, they must first be complete as individuals. A co-dependent or controlling relationship will never work for twin flames.

These twin relationships are based on unconditional love and acceptance, forcing the individuals to surrender expectations and demands placed on one another or themselves. When they do reunite, the obstacles will be gone and energetic balance vibrating harmoniously on specific frequencies.

Overall, the twin flame relationship is very different from that of the soul mate or other relationships. It is the only form of a relationship that requires individuals to be fully ready in all ways before a consistent alchemical union can be formed for any length of time.

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