Hidden Sixth Senses

Everyone has psychic gifts, but most people are not aware that they have them. Some believe that when they have intuition that it is just a lucky guess when they really have the gift of intuition.

Some people have these abilities for a specific reason, and they help them to interpret the messages such as:

  • Hearing the phone ring and knowing who is calling.
  • Having dreams that become reality.
  • Having strange feelings around some people.
  • Knowing when someone is sick.
  • Have the hair on your neck or arms stand up for no reason.
  • Know when someone is speaking the truth.

Some of the psychic abilities in this article are lesser known abilities but many people still have them:


People with clairaudience will hear sounds and will know when someone is talking to them. This can come in the form of ears ringing. Spirits are on a different frequency than we are, and some people are able to hear these things.

Another thing that clairaudient people can do is to feel electromagnetic frequencies from technology or electrical devices. This can be a sensation and a feeling of high energy. These EMF fields could be a problem with some people, and they could mess up due to bad wiring or because of other problems. When you detect the EMF’s, you could stop the house from catching fire or other bad things from happening.


When you feel tightness in your chest or your arms, you will know that something is close to you such as a spirit. This can be a person that is able to get information from things around them.

Psychometry is a gift that clairsentient people have to be able to read the energies from items that they hold or touch. This can come from toys, homes, or buildings.


People that are empaths will feel the emotions of other people. They can tell when someone is lying to them and they can easily get overwhelmed by people. Empaths need to have alone time and even though they are highly emotional, they have good listening ears and they want to help others.

If you are an empath and you want to survive, you have to always ground yourself and you have to learn to take time to be quiet and alone.


People that can tell when something is going to happen or if they have clear sight, they might be clairvoyant. These people can hear the thoughts of others or can communicate with spirits.

People that have these abilities will often have dreams and visions. Paying attention to these things could help someone by stopping them from making mistakes.


Those that have the gift of claircognizance will know who is calling them without picking up the phone. They will have feelings and just know things. This gift is there to show you the right direction to go such as the right career path or the right school to pick.

People that are claircognizant can predict danger and their strong feelings can steer them in the right direction. Listening to your gut can help you go far.


This is a gift that allows you to smell things such as your grandma who died or the perfume that she wore. These sense can be more developed, and they can help people to detect when spirits are around or when people have health problems.


People have different gifts and it is important that they understand them. Everyone will have different experiences with their giftings, and it is important for them to understand what their gift is. If you have questions, talk to a psychic or find a blog or a website to read about psychic gifts and see how these gifts affect you.

Doing this can help to make your life happier and to give you strength and peace.

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