Connecting to Your Higher Self

Most people want to reach their full potential in life, and everyone has something special and some great purpose that they have been put on the earth for. Even if you have not reached this purpose yet, you have done many great things that have helped you to get where you are at the very present.

There are memories that you have that are good and bad and different things that you have inherited such as looks and actions from your ancestors. Things that have happened in your life have given you opportunities to change and to grow and all of this is to reach your higher self.

When you understand what your higher self is, you will see that it is the best part of who you are and it will help you to be more compassionate and loving not only to others but to yourself.

Your higher self is the part of you that has been in many different lifetimes. It has allowed you to be who you are and to show off the goodness that you have, and sometimes even the bad things.

You might wonder who you are and feel that you will never reach your higher self and you might not even practice connecting with your life and your being but the spirit world is always working towards you reaching this part of your being.

Your higher self knows that there is a place inside of you where the chakras come together, and the light infiltrates you so that you can explore who you really are and reach the light.

Being your higher self helps you to go beyond what you are thinking and helps you to attain Samadhi or enlightenment, also called Nirvana.

When you agree with your higher self, you can become part of the fifth dimension of your being, and this allows you to be more focused on the powers of your mind, body and heart.

With the light that your higher self brings, it can change your cells and allow your body, soul and spirit to be healed. It can help your emotions to change where you no longer have fear and anger but you find love, harmony and happiness.

It is important that you work with yourself to reach this so that you can relax and be happy. This happens with full surrender and understanding. You must surrender to yourself in order to really reach the higher self.

When you reach and connect with your higher self, you will have a connection of love and you will reach the desires and your nature of your being.

The higher self is not a duality and it knows nothing more than being harmonious and there is no confusion that leads down the path of failure.

If you want to reach your higher self, you have to practice doing what is mindful and paying attention to the energies of your thought. You must change your thought path and reach the divine.

Different practices such as spiritual practices and therapy can help you to get closer to your higher self because it is what your body needs to be whole.

Higher Self Practices

Here are some higher self-practices that you can do:

  • Music
  • Dance
  • Communion with the elements
  • Ceremonies
  • Meditation
  • Yoga

Connecting with your higher self allows you to spend time on the earth but to know the vibrations of the universe. You can practice things such as Kundalini enlightenment and Tantra and when you do these things each day, you can see your energies and light growing stronger.

When you are reaching your higher self, your chakras will become balanced and you will expand your system. You can draw the light into your being and imagine it covering your whole body and if you practice this each night, you will see that you are drawing healing into your body and into your dreams. This can even take you to different astral journeys.

Always deep breathe and use positive affirmations so that you can help the universe to call this into your life. Allow your higher self-energy to connect with the earth and with your being. Talk about your soul purpose and make a deep connection with Mother Gaia or Mother Earth.

Find the part of your heart that is the strongest and make a connection with the light and call goodness to your life. Connect with plants, animals, spirit creatures, faeries and more.

Recognize and learn to identify the spirits in your life that are there to help you. Listen to what you are saying inside of yourself and understand the feelings that you get when you connect with your higher self.

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