Psychic Vampires

There are different types of psychic vampires and they can take the energy right out of you.  It is important that you know the different types, so you know what to look out for.


Narcissistic psychic vampires feel like they are entitled to everything and if you choose to do what you want then they will no longer want to be around you or love you.


The victim vampire is someone that is always in pity and thinks that the world is against them.  They will blame everyone for why they are not happy, and they will never try to find solutions to their problems.


Controlling vampires need to always be in control of what is going on.  They want to control you and your actions and emotions.


The talking vampire never stops sharing their own feelings.  They don’t ask how anyone else feels and they don’t care to invade your physical boundaries.


The drama queen vampire is always late and always makes a big deal out of things that are small.


Make sure that you are willing to look at your relationship and see if your person is showing these qualities.

You might find that you are so tired after spending time with them and you might see that you feel taken advantage of by someone for being kind to them.

If the relationship feels that it is draining you, then you need to realize you are dealing with a psychic vampire.


Check your feelings and your emotions.  If you are around a vampire you might feel tired, sleepy, having low confidence, bad feelings, bad moods, hunger, depression, negativity and that you are always being put down.

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