Palm Reading

You can find answers about your life by looking at the lines of your hand. Do you ever wonder what your future holds? You might have gotten a tarot card reading or talked to a clairvoyant, but have you ever got an ayurvedic palm reading?

Understanding an Ayurvedic Palm Reading

Ayurvedic palm reading is part of astrology and is considered a tool of divination. This dates back to ancient times and was used with the positions of the planets and the horoscopes along with your palm lines to tell the future.

Astro-palmistry is different than other kinds of palm reading, and it combines traditional palm reading and Ayurvedic astrology to give you a reading that works with you. Ayurvedic astrology will look at the planet positions and the zodiac at the time that you were born, and it will see your birth chart to give you details on who you are.

If you ever wanted to know about who you are in astrology, you can get an Astro palm reading which can help you to understand the lines in your palm.

Palm Lines

Palm lines can determine what kind of goals you have and what your personality is. You should get a reading on your dominate hand. This can tell your personality and getting a reading on your non-dominate hand can tell you about relationships.

The lines of your palm will either show up a lot or faint. It can be hard to make out the lines on your hand when you hold it regularly but if you need to have the lines stand out more than you should bend your palm and do it under a light. The ones that are light according to Ayurvedic palm reading though are things that you need to work on more.

Heart Line

This line is one that goes just below the pinky, and it goes horizontally across the palm. This is the top line that you can see. The length of this line can determine how you relate to those around you.

A long line can mean that you are sweet and understanding of others. It can mean that you are passionate, and you are romantic. A straight line can mean that you are balanced and that you are rational, and you put peoples feeling first.

If the line is short, it can mean that you don’t like to express love. You can be someone that does actions instead of words. An arched line can mean that you are shy.

Things to Know

Here are some other things to know about the heart line:

  • If the line splits, it can mean you put people over yourself.
  • A faint heart line can mean that you get pushed around.
  • Lots of breaks in the heart line can mean that you have short flings.
  • Small lines in the crossing of the heart line can mean you have emotional trauma.
  • A coarse line can mean you are sensual.
  • If it splits into three at the end, then it means you are lucky in love.
  • A deep line can mean you are in control of your emotions.


This line is found under the heart line and beneath the index fingers, across the palm. It can mean how your mental health is. A long line that is straight can mean you overthink things.

A long line with an arch means you are creative, and you think outside of the box. A short line can mean that you make impulsive decisions. If the line goes into two or three and circles, it can mean you have bad memories.


If this line is broken it can mean that you will go through something traumatic. It can mean that you have experienced different traumas if there are different breaks. This can also mean that you have physical pain or that you have been in the hospital with an illness.

A broken line at the beginning can mean that you were sick as a child. A short line that ends close to the center can mean that you have a hard time coping with things and a long line that curves around the thumb can mean that you are athletic.

Having more than one life line can mean that you love life.

Final Thoughts

This is just part of what palm reading has to do with your life. Learn more about this tool of divination and see how it affects your life.

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