Healing Your Higher Self

Our spirit may be eternal, but our bodies are not. The body tens to need healing often, whether due to injury, aging, or illness. The physical body seeks recovery so we can live comfortably and in happiness. To heal, we must turn to medicine or drugs to help deal with the pain. While these are necessary at times to ease and cure pain and sickness, but there is another way to support this healing. Spiritual healing can be just as effective as medicine in body healing if you tap into the power of the higher self.

Higher Self Defined

Many people confuse the higher self and the soul. While the two are related, they have different meanings and functions. The soul is you, the essence that is reborn each time into one body, but across lifetimes. This you was created in the beginning of time and while the body is new, the soul is raw and unfiltered.

The higher self is part of the soul, the purest part linked to the divine. This makes it the key to spiritual growth, as well as enlightenment, because it is tied to the consciousness of the universal and the inner supplies of infinite knowledge, power, and wisdom. The higher self is continually in love and harmony, but the body and mind often absorb negativity and toxicity. The higher self is linked to the spiritual plane, where angels, spirit guides, and other spiritual beings are located. Everything we may need or want is within us, but we need to connect to it. Once we are open to this power, anything is possible.

Healing with the Higher Self

Knowing that the higher self-possesses an infinite knowledge, you know your body’s aches and pains intrinsically, including the causes and effects. This includes self-healing those issues. You just have to discover this knowledge. Meditation is one way to discover this knowledge as you connect to the higher self and learn all you need to know about a specific condition.

Set an intention of connecting with the higher self and accessing universal consciousness, then practice daily meditation to build a strong inner spiritual link. Focus on the specific body part causing trouble and ask the higher self why it is sick or injured and how healing should occur. Ask for help with the healing from the universe. Numerous physical issues are caused by negative, both mental and emotional, problems. These are known to stress the chakras and cause physical body issues to the corresponding body part. This is an important step in improving health and ease the physical burden.

The root causes may originate from many things, including recent happenings or negative life patterns. It could also be something carried from a previous lifetime or inherited from ancestors. If you do not learn the true cause of the condition, you cannot totally heal it. Depending on your strengths and preferences, this information may come out as images, feelings, or words or even a distinct voice from within.

You may find that a career taking a blow is causing physical issues as optimism and confidence are low or a heartbreak has led to constant physical pain. Once the cause is discovered, it can be addressed. This can be through self esteem building or moving forward with new hobbies and activities. A change in perspective is often the most important aspect of healing. This is especially true when it comes to major disease that has already taken root. Medicine is still important, but combining this with spiritual healing, you are healing the body and the root.

A Deeper Connection

Beyond meditation, there are several ways to connect with the higher self. This is helpful when you need healing and in embracing the power and wisdom of the higher self which allows you to be more sensitive to spiritual world messages. This also helps in furthering the knowledge of goals and purpose in this lifetime.

Journaling can help with this connection since it encourages clarity, honesty, and openness to true thoughts, beliefs, and feelings. Recite positive affirmations as a way to reconnect with the soul. Take time to engage in relaxing activities to raise your vibrations and unwind. This makes it easier to be open minded to spiritual messages, intuition, and positive healing energies. If you need further help, contact a psychic professional that can assist and advise in the connecting process. most are strongly connected to their higher selves.

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